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Imperial County Public Health Department shares information related to the base hospital and availability of emergency services

Imperial County, California.- The Imperial County Public Health Department would like to inform our residents that advanced life support (ALS) emergency services continue to be provided in r community. Emergency treatment and response capabilities have not been affected in Imperial County. Any individual that needs emergency care should continue to dial 911 to access local emergency medical services.
Although a formal notice of termination of base hospital services for Imperial County was received from El Centro Regional Medical Center, it will continue to serve as a base hospital until March 22, 2023. Changes to the base hospitals system are being discussed among our two local hospitals and the Imperial County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency to ensure that there is no disruption in the level of emergency care provided to the community.
A base hospital is approved and designated by the local EMS Agency and is responsible for directing ALS care within a local emergency medical services (EMS) system. A base hospital ensures policy compliance by providing medical direction and supervision of EMS personnel in the field conducting prehospital treatment, triage, and transport of ALS patients.
As we work in close collaboration with EMS and healthcare providers, the public is highly encouraged to follow the social media platforms and websites of official organizations, including Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, El Centro Regional Medical Center, and the Imperial County Public Health Department.
Frequent questions and answers to the base hospital will be made available shortly and posted on