domingo, julio 21

City of Calexico statement regarding State Auditor’s Audit Report

CALEXICO, California.- On Thursday, October 20th, the City of Calexico received the State Auditor’s audit report and welcomes their recommendations as they will be beneficial for the future of the City’s operations and fiscal management systems.
The Coty acknowledges that it has faced financial challenges over the last decade and appreciates the work the State Auditors have put into identifying areas that need the most immediate attention. The City Council and Administration understand their fiduciary responsibility to the Community and citizens of Calexico and are eager to address the areas of concern identified in the State Auditors Report.
Under the direction of City Manager, Esperanza Colio Warren, the recommendations in the State Audit Report will be taken into consideration when developing and implementing an action plan to remediate any past practices that have placed a financial burden on City operations. City Administration is committed to working internally and with the State Auditor’s office to develop long term strategies with transparent metrics and outcomes to improve City operations consistent with the recommendations outlined in the audit report.
City Council will be briefed on the audit findings, presented with the City’s current financial condition and the 1st Quarter budget report at next regular City Council meeting of November 2, 2022.