sábado, junio 22

Yuma Police Department advises of fireworks use during Holidays

Yuma, Arizona.- The law allows for the public to possess or use novelty/minor types fireworks, however many types of fireworks remain illegal in Arizona, specifically those designed to rise into the air and/or explode.
According to Sergeant Lori Franklin, fireworks can only be used from June 24th to July 6th and December 24th to January 3rd. Fireworks continue to be prohibited on all public property including all parks, sidewalks, streets and rights-of-way, except by permit for supervised public displays only.
ARS 36-1601 provides this definition for permissible consumer fireworks:
• Ground and handheld sparkling devices,
• Cylindrical fountains.
• Cone fountains.
• Illuminating torches.
• Wheels.
• Ground spinners.
• Flitter sparklers.
• Toy smoke devices.
• Wire sparklers or dipped sticks.
• Multiple tube fireworks devices and pyrotechnic articles.
This does not include anything that is designed or intended to rise into the air and explode or to detonate in the air or to fly above the ground, including, for example, firework items commonly known as bottle rockets, sky rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, torpedoes, roman candles and jumping jacks. It remains unlawful to sell, offer or expose for sale, use, explode or possess any of these fireworks.
REMEMBER: Use fireworks responsibly even fireworks sold legally can present a safety risk most often to children and teens!