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“Ni Una Más” independent domestic violence awareness film to be screened in Yuma

YUMA, Arizona.- Considering that education against domestic violence is an issue that urgently needs to be promoted in the community he wishes to serve and to spread the message of zero tolerance in the United States, Repubican candidate for Senator for Arizona District 23, Gary García Snyder, invited independent filmmaker Roy Dorantes to present the film he directed “Ni Una Más” in Yuma.
As informed before by EL TERMOMETRO DE LA NOTICIA Dorantes is a renowned journalist and filmmaker from California who formerly worked as a News Reporter in Yuma, and premiered the film on Saturday October 1st, 2022 in Calexico, California.
The film captures stories of characters who have suffered violence, and thanks to the initiative of García Snyder will also premiere it in Yuma on Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 at 6:00 pm, at the Harvest Preparatory Academy auditorium, located at 350 East 18th Street.
A Red Carpet with a donation of $12 per person will be offered, all proceeds will go to the Phoenix-based organization In Need of a Friend, whose representatives will attend the event.
“This issue is very important to me because we are in an area where people from different cultures live and education is needed because some do not know the rules and the way of living in the United States and for some violence is common in their places of origin, but here we reject any lack of respect for people,» García Snyder said.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and he endorsed that screening the film is an excellent opportunity to promote services provided by organizations such as Phoenix-based In Need of a Friend.
Dorantes said he is very proud that the film caught the attention of San Luis, Arizona, achieving this presentation in Yuma.
«Our intention was to show a fictional story with different points and profiles of those who hurt women, we hope everybody will join us.»
The cast of the film will be at the event and 5 people or organizations from Yuma or San Luis who consider themselves fighters against domestic violence will be recognized, as they have done in all the presentations of “Ni Una Más”.
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