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Democrat candidate for Arizona State Senate free of disciplinary actions even though Democrat colleague accused him of harassment

YUMA, Arizona.- Brian Fernandez who has served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from the 4th legislative district since 2021, and is currently running for Arizona State Senate for District 4, won’t receive any disciplinary actions after he was accused by another female Democrat colleague of harassment.
Fernandez got his seat from his mother, Charlene Fernandez, who step down from the House of Representatives when the Federal Government appointed her for the US Rural Development State Director for Arizona. Then the Yuma Countu Board of Supervisors voted to appoint Brian Fernandez at his mother seat for the end of her term.
In September, House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding said the claims by Representative Alma Hernandez, from Tucson, about Rep. Brian Fernandez, were referred to House attorneys. since in an open letter back then, Hernandez said Fernandez referred to her multiple times in insulting terms about her weight and told other lawmakers and lobbyists attending a rural transportation conference held in Yuma that he «hates me.» Hernandez, who was not at the conference, said she learned of his comments from other legislators who were there.
«What is most embarrassing is he did this with Republican members thinking they would engage,» she said.
According to the Yellow Sheet Report, a digital newsletter issued by the Arizona Capitol Reports, LLC, in the article “IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY… Hernandez’s complaint (YS, 9/16) against Fernandez alleging harassment won’t lead to any disciplinary action.”
The Yellow Sheet Report said, “The House recently concluded its investigation and a report was sent to Bowers (LINK). Investigators determined that Fernandez’s comments reflect “only a personal disagreement between the two members” that doesn’t constitute harassment under House policy. Hernandez alleged Fernandez called her a “fat f” and said he hated her on multiple occasions while with lobbyists and elected officials. Fernandez admitted he called her a “dumb f” and had made unfavorable comments about Hernandez during a trip to Germany, according to the report. He said it was possible he may have said he “hated” her although he couldn’t remember specifically. According to Fernandez, he and Hernandez have a history of generally being at odds with each other and have a difficult relationship. He reportedly made the comments in question at a loud casino bar he went to with Cook, Carroll, Dunn and an anonymous member when they had traveled to a rural transportation conference. Fernandez denied ever using the word “fat,” but conflicting testimonies could not determine if the word “fat” or “dumb” was used. “I don’t know what’s more insulting –being called fat or an idiot,” Hernandez told our reporter. The report notes that neither word, without more evidence, would elevate Fernandez’s comment to harassment. Hernandez said she was disappointed and frustrated with the investigative process and Democratic leadership, because she felt her colleagues ignored the issue. She said Fernandez has not spoken to her or apologized about the incident, only leaving a voicemail on her office phone from a private phone number in which he appeared to have directly read from his online statement. “I don’t believe he’s actually sorry. I think he’s sorry that he got caught,” Hernandez said. She also said she feels troubled that Fernandez has talked about her unfavorably multiple times, and she would seek to change House rules next session to more appropriately handle a similar issue.”
An anonymous reporter sent this political cartoon in Spanish that shows Charlene Fernandez and her son Rep. Fernandez, saying “Don’t touch my spoiled baby”, as prove that due to nepotism Rep. Fernandez will not receive any disciplinary action.