viernes, mayo 24

Calexico Fire Department alerts on hurricane Kay impact

CALEXICO, California. – Information from the National Weather Service leads us to believe that we can expect the heaviest showers and thunderstorms from Friday morning into Saturday evening, representatives from the Calexico Fire Department on Thursday.
There may be up to two inches of rainfall between Thursday and Saturday. Wind speed could also gust up to 20-40 mph. There is a risk of flash floods throughout the region as well. We encourage everyone to stay updated regarding weather forecasts, road closures, and press releases. The City will continue to monitor and update information as necessary.
Hurricane Kay will likely move NNW along the west side of the Baja peninsula through Fri.

Greatest impacts expected across southern CA

It will likely begin to weaken with the low level circulation moving west through the weekend

Big impact will be a very heavy moisture wave.

1.5-2” of rainfall expected in Imperial County. Actual values will vary.

Historically the chance for EC, CA or Yuma, AZ t receive 2” + in one day during Aug-Oct is <.1%

Moderate Risk for along and east of coastal mountains
Slight risk for adjacent deserts in Southeast CA

Flood Watch: Imperial County Starts 12pm Friday and ends 12 am Sunday.

Key Points:

Hurricane Kay will likely move NNW along the west side of the Baja peninsula through Friday
Greatest impact expected across southern CA and southwest AZ
Heaviest rain potential Friday afternoon through Saturday evening.
Wind gusts 25-40 mph
Increased clouds & cooler temperatures.

Sand bags will be available at Fire Station #1 415 E Fourth Street. Bags will be limited per household.