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Imperial County Fire Department & Office of Emergency Services Offering Sandbags in Preparation for Weekend Rainfall

IMPERIAL COUNTY, California – In preparation for the potential local impacts of Hurricane Kay, the Imperial County Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services are offering free sandbags and sand to residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Imperial County and whose properties are prone to flooding. Forecasters say Hurricane Kay, currently forming off the Mexican coast, will bring high winds and potential significant rains from Friday morning to late Saturday evening.

Imperial County Fire Department and OES have set up an interactive map showing which County Fire Stations are distributing sandbags and sand. Please visit the following link and see below for addresses of the station locations:

Imperial (City): Imperial County Fire Station #1 & #4, Imperial, 2514 La Brucherie Road
Heber: Imperial County Fire Station #2, Heber, 1078 S. Dogwood Road
Seeley: Imperial County Fire Station #3, Seeley, 1828 Park Street
Pale Verde: Imperial County Fire Station #5, Palo Verde, 112 California 78
Ocotillo: Imperial County Fire Station #6, Ocotillo, 1157 Imperial Highway
Niland: Imperial County Fire Station #7, Niland, 8071 Luxor Avenue
Winterhaven: Imperial County Fire Station #8, Winterhaven, 518 Railroad Avenue
Salton City: Imperial County Fire Station #9, Salton City, 2256 West Cleveland Avenue

Sandbags can be picked up from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, but individuals can call their nearest station and check to see if bags can be picked up outside those hours. Individuals are limited to 10 bags per household due to limited while limited amounts are available. When arriving to your nearest station, please remember to have others with you for assistance with picking up, loading, and unloading bags. Although some bags are pre-filled, some stations may have a limited supply.

Residents are encouraged to follow the Imperial County Fire Department’s Facebook page at for further updates and to visit for general information on risk preparation. For forecasts and weather conditions, visit