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Arpaio former Sheriff of Maricopa supports Mike Tyson

PHOENIX, Arizona.- Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sheriff is supporting former professional boxer Mike Tyson who is concerned with negative depiction on him in the current Hulu miniseries “Mike”.
In his social media, former Maricopa County Sheriff best known for critics against his way to run the jail by make inmates wear pink boxers in order to prevent white clothes smuggling, said “In the past, Mike was involved in serious criminal justice matters and was ordered to report to the sheriff’s office after moving to the Phoenix area.”
“We became friends. However in 2007 he was sentenced to jail where he had to wear my striped jail uniform and pink underwear,” Arpaio added.
In the recent post Arpaio claimed that “Still Mike assisted me in sending messages to teenagers not to violate the law. I am pleased with Mike’s current professional/personal reputation. I do understand his concern with the media/movies. I have also been the subject of two controversial documentaries, which played in movie theaters. Don’t give up Mike. You will always be a champion!” he concluded.
Curently Arpaio is still active in promoting his pink boxers for sale to raise funds for law enforcement charities online at www.JoesPinkShorts.com and endorsing Republican candidates.