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Yuma students enjoyed a tour at Yuma Territorial Prison

YUMA, Arizona- The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area team hosted Weld Like A Girl’s welding students for this school year at the Yuma Territorial Prison Thursday morning.
These students have taken on the project of creating the newest UMA sign that will be located at the Yuma Territorial Prison. They were guided through the Prison on a tour Thursday morning to learn of its rich history so they can create a unique sign that will showcase parts of the grounds history!
Representatives from the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area said they are so excited to be working with this students and cannot wait to see what they come up with!
They expressed an appreciation to Shanen Aranmor for teaching these students these unique skills that potentially open another door in their future!
The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area will provide updates as the sign goes into production over the next few months.