miércoles, julio 17

Yuma Police warns about fake alerts

Yuma, Arizona- The Yuma Police Department has been asked about several “Alerts / Warnings” that are being circulated in social media, and clarified those posts are not happening in this community, as released by Sargeant Lori Franklin.

YPD showed a few of the posts going around and said the posts do not pertain to and are not happening in the Yuma community. These same posts are circulating in many other cities and states.

If you see a post like these, please consider whether the source is credible. Any alerts of this nature will come from a local Law Enforcement Agency who will then share the alerts with a local municipality and/or the local press.

While these posts do not pertain to our local community, residents are reminded…If you see something, say something. If you would like to verify the validity of posts like these, you may contact the Yuma Police Department at (928) 783-4421 or your local Law Enforcement Agency if you live in another city.