sábado, junio 22

Yuma Police Department use humor to get help from residents

Yuma, Arizona. – The Yuma Police Department is asking the residents assistance to find individuals who have arrests warrants using some good humor now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

The following is the original message YPD is posting on their social media.

Is Valentine’s Day not your favorite day?!?! Do you wish to give a Valentine’s gift to someone and don’t know what to give? Would you like to give karma a helping hand? Help us help you. Maybe the person is on Yuma’s Most Wanted List, has an active warrant, or are they wanted for a crime? If you know where they are, let us know, and we’ll take it from there. We will transport them to their destination safely buckled into a very uncomfortable hard plastic back seat with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

They can receive one of several gift packages offered, such as door number one (spend a night or two in jail) or door number two (use that dinner, flower, or jewelry money meant for someone else on their bail). Is orange not their color? Let’s get them wrapped in those non-fabric softener washed, baggy, high water jammies for a while. No expensive dinner and chocolate to celebrate this day. The gift package may include some PB&J sammitches with their stay. You also can get a color 8X10 glossy to remember this moment by going to the jail website and download one for free.

Make this a Valentine’s Day to remember. If you don’t want to take credit for this, you can call 78CRIME, (928)-782-7463, and remain anonymous.