viernes, febrero 23

Yuma County to Receive $6 Million for Agricultural Area Broadband

YUMA COUNTY, Arizona– The Office of Governor Ducey notified Yuma County last week of a $6 million award to support the construction of a network of wireless broadband towers to support the County’s agricultural industry and rural broadband access. 
The state-of-the-art mobile tower network will enable the use of remote sensors, drones, satellites, artificial intelligence and automated equipment, known as AgTech, needed by the modern agriculture industry to ensure competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and the protection of national food security.
“This is important because we have commitments from agricultural research companies throughout the world that have expressed interest in coming to Yuma County if this type of network were available,” Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Jonathan Lines said.
The network will be utilized by the University of Arizona Agricultural Extension program and agricultural producers in Yuma County. It will be connected to Yuma County’s Middle Mile Fiber Network, currently under construction with County investment of $30 million.
“I’m grateful for Vice Chairman Lines for his work in helping secure this important funding,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Martin Porchas said. “His relationship with Governor Ducey and coordination with the agricultural community has proven to be very valuable for the County.”
The network will use technology to enable enhanced conservation efforts and improve harvesting. “It will provide us critical tools for water conservation and other challenges we face here in Yuma County,” Lines said.
The funds are made available through the state’s administration of Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Funds allocated to the State of Arizona. The project will not only augment Yuma County’s largest industry, but will improve access to high speed internet in rural areas.
“I’d like to recognize the assistance of Paul Brierley, Executive Director of the Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture, for his research, advocacy, and assistance in crafting the proposal submitted to Governor Ducey’s office,” Yuma County Administrator Ian McGaughey said. “Paul and YCEDA’s expertise were invaluable and a big part of the County receiving this critical funding.»
“I appreciate the partnership we have with Governor Ducey and the Arizona Commerce Authority, and the confidence they have in us to partner with the U of A Agricultural Extension to embark upon this new venture and complete our broadband expansion here in Yuma County,” Lines said.