sábado, abril 13

Yuma County Middle-Mile Backbone project begins

YUMA, Arizona.- Yuma County government, in partnership with ALLO Communications, held the official groundbreaking of the Yuma County Middle Mile Broadband Project on Wednesday.
The purpose of Yuma County’s Broadband Middle Mile Network project is to provide everyone in the County with access to high-speed, reliable, affordable internet service, using the latest fiber optic technology.
The plan is to offer the fastest speeds available, with symmetrical 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) for residential and 10 Gbps for businesses, with future upgrades as technology evolves.
The network is designed to cover 140 miles across Yuma County with the latest fiber optic technology that delivers the fastest speeds in broadband.
Early in 2021, Yuma County made broadband one of its top priorities after identifying a critical need to make the internet available to all residents.
The countywide backbone will make it easier for last-mile providers to connect to unserved and underserved areas in Yuma County.
ALLO Communications was awarded the contract to design and build the project.