miércoles, julio 17

YFD receives donation of equipment for pets

Yuma, Arizona.- Recently the Yuma Fire Department received a donation of a “Fido Bag” and two additional oxygen masks specially designed to fit the muzzle of a pet, said Mike Erfert, YFD Public Information Officer.

YFD is no stranger to animal rescues, said Erfert, and especially in the case of an unconscious pet (often one overcome by smoke) masks shaped for human use are not as effective when used on animals.
Since 2014 YFD engines have been carrying “Fido Bags”. These bags provided by “The Fetch Foundation” are equipped with special tools to be able to treat pets more effectively.
In addition to the oxygen masks, leashes and other gear are included in the Fido Bag, these items are not normally carried by fire personnel. The two masks will be used to replace masks on two of our engine’s existing bags, and the new bag will be carried in the Battalion Chief’s vehicle in case an extra is needed.

According to Erfert, the Fetch Foundation is a nonprofit charity located in Scottsdale with a vision of having a Fido Bag on every fire engine in the country. Marie Peck, the Foundation’s founder, said “Firefighters need special tools on their trucks to help save your four-legged friends…pets are family too and now we are able to save their lives in an emergency”.
For more information on the Fetch Foundation, Marie Peck can be contacted at 602-617-2656.