sábado, junio 22

US Government launches CBP One to request asylum on line

PHOENIX, Arizona. – The Unitef States Government recently launched a program for potential non citizens who actually plan to come to the country and ask for asylum so they can process the petition ahead.

The program is called CBP One and is managed by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

As read at CBP social media, «CBP is using innovative technology to streamline processing, reduce wait times, and help ensure safe and orderly processing.»
And adds: «The freeCBP One mobile application enables noncitizens without appropriate documents for admission who seek to travel to the United States through certain southwest border land ports of entry (POEs) the ability to submit information through a module within the application instead of coming directly to wait at a POE.»
For more information on the CBPOne application, view the CBP One Fact Sheet:
The app is also available in Spanish and it can be found as follows:

«Use la aplicación CBPOne si está buscando una excepción humanitaria al Título 42 para programar una fecha y hora para el procesamiento.
Hoja informativa: https://www.cbp.gov/es/document/fact-sheets/cbp-one-fact-sheet-spanish.