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Two arrested in Calexico for car theft

Calexico, California.- On September 14, 2023, officers responded to a business parking lot in reference to two subjects tampering with several parked cars.

The subjects were seen casing the area in a white Kia and eventually parked nearby. They then walked to an adjacent parking lot and began looking into and attempting to open several parked vehicles.

Officers quickly located and detained both subjects. The subjects were identified as 18-year-old Kevin Chaidez and his 17-year-old accomplice. Both Mecca, Ca. residents.

Officers inspected the Kia the subjects were seen driving and noticed the car was still running and the ignition switch was damaged.

Officers learned the Kia was freshly stolen out of Calexico. A second freshly stolen vehicle, stolen out of Indio, Ca., was also located nearby.

The #DynamicDuo are suspected of stealing both vehicles and were more then likely in the processes of stealing another vehicle, when apprehended.

Both subjects were charged with auto theft, amongst other charges, and were booked into county jail or juvenile hall.