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San Luis, Arizona with possibilities of having a new Mayor as preliminary results show

San Luis, Arizona – The City of San Luis, Arizona celebrated the Primary Elections on Tuesday, and as the preliminary unofficial results reported by the Yuma County Elections Department on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 12:13:31 AM, Nieves Garcia Riedel has possibilities to become the next Mayor.
With the total of votes casted on Precinct 29, Precinct 30, and Precinct 31 Riedel has 1,056 which represents 53.23%, while current Mayor of San Luis Gerardo Sanchez has 928 votes, 46.77%.

Results for the race of 3 seats for Councilmembers are as follows:
BUCHANAN JR., MARIO 716 votes, which represents 14.05%

CRUZ, MARIA CECILIA with 718 votes, or 14.09%

DE LA HOYA, TADEO AZAEL, with 856 votes, or 16.80%

MENDENHALL, NYDIA, with 460 votes, or 9.03%

PONCE, JOSE, with 334 votes, or 6.56%

SERVIN, LIZETH, with 434 votes, or 8.52%

SOTO, GENARO, with 403 votes, or 7.91%

VARGAS, JAVIER, with 807 votes, or 15.84%

ZEPEDA, CESAR, with 367 votes, or 7.20%
Total of Votes Casted were 5,095.
The last report was made after 12 am and the results so far include Early Ballots & All Vote Centers.
The report says votes to be counted are Early/Late Early Ballots – 2,808, Provisional Ballots – 248, and Ready to Tabulate – 1,676.