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RCBH reminds families there is still time to get healthcare coverage

Yuma, Arizona.- The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., / San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc., would like to remind the residents in Yuma County without healthcare coverage to take advantage of the free enrollment assistance available at any clinic.
According to Gustavo Alvarez, Director of Public Health & Patient Engagement with the non-profit organization based in Yuma County, all those residents who are no longer eligible for Medicaid can rest assure they still have options to stay covered.
“During the pandemic of COVID-19, AHCCCS members have been able to stay covered, regardless of income eligibility changes. Now, more than 600,000 Arizonans are at risk of losing their coverage, but there is no need to worry because we can make sure they continue to get healthcare coverage.”
Family Care Coordinators with RCBH at any San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc. can help navigate the AHCCCS and Market Place options for Medicare and enroll those who need assistance.
Amanda Aguirre, former Arizona State Senator and President and CEO of RCBH, agreed to remind the community that assistance is available and for free.

“Being covered is a very important part of the community wellness, we invite all the families to visit us, and a Family Care Coordinator will be able to help and choose the best option that fit your needs”, said Ms. Aguirre.

For more information please visit the San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc., at any location near to you or call at (928) 236-8001.