jueves, febrero 29

RCBH/COBINAS recognize Sonora students who illustrated the 2023 Binational Clean Air Calendar

Yuma, Arizona.- The Binational Health and Environment Council San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora and Yuma County, Arizona (COBINAS), sponsored by the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. (RCBH), recognized Sonora students whose drawings illustrated the 2023 Binational Clean Air Calendar.
On behalf of Ms. Amanda Aguirre, former Arizona State Senator and current President and CEO of RCBH, the ceremony was conducted by Dr. Leticia Sanchez Llamas, current Co-President of COBINAS San Luis Río Colorado and Centro de Salud Urbano Director; Biologist Martha Roman, Co-President of Occupational Health Subcommittee and Miss Catalina Navarro, RCBH International Consultant.
Acknowledges were given to Mr. Roberto Valente Leo Valenzuela, Secundaria 22 Principal for the permission to use their facilities, and City of San Luis Río Colorado Councilwoman Rebecca Ching De León, current President for Border Affairs Comission and Mrs. Ana Elisa Ortega Cons, Supervisor for Zona Escolar 01 de Secundarias Estatales, were asked to assist with the recognitions presentation to the following students:
-Marian Regina Villegas Avilés, Instituto Kino, February
-Laily Zoe Cabanillas Escobedo, Primaria Vicente Guerrero, April
-Assul Antona Castillo, Instituto Kino, June
-Monserrat Raygoza Russo, Secundaria 22, August
-Diana Arlethet Villa Castro, Instituto Kino, October
-Karol Marian Ceniceros Santos, Colegio Bilingüe San Luis, December
-Camila Casillas Mancillas, Secundaria 22, Cover

Law student from El Golfo de Santa Clara, José Alberto Tirado Acosta, is the Athlete dedicating this edition, was not able to attend, and instead sent a motivational message shared with the attendees.

Next Summer COBINAS will invite students to participate in the next edition for 2024.