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Propositions pass; Morales, Knight and Smith elected to four-year terms on City of Yuma Council

YUMA, Arizona. – In the general election held Tuesday, Nov. 8, City of Yuma residents selected their preferences concerning three at-large seats on the City Council and two propositions. Following are the final, official results following the City Council’s canvass on Nov. 21.
The current count reflects 22,476 ballots cast, including early ballots and all voting centers.
City Council Votes Cast Percentage of Ballots Cast
Knight, Gary 9,871 44%
Morales, Arturo 10,683 48%
Scarborough, Robert 6,021 27%
Smith, Carol 8,621 38%
Thomas, Edward 6,183 28%
Wilkinson, Nicolle 7,525 34%

Proposition 416, City of Yuma General Plan Yes 13,270 No 6,947
Proposition 417, City of Yuma Hospitality Tax Yes 11,240 No 9,029

With these results, Knight is re-elected. He, Morales and Smith are elected to four-year terms beginning January 2023. Propositions 416 and 417 both pass.
Yuma City Council seats are considered at-large, and each ballot may contain up to three votes for members of the City Council.
Pursuant to the Yuma City Charter, election percentages are based on the total number of ballots cast, rather than a percentage of the total number of votes received.