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Non-profit organization presents a donation of Paramedic Equipment to Yuma Fire Department

YUMA, Arizona.- The City of Yuma Fire Department would like to thank Amanda Aguirre and the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. for their generous donation of 8 advanced UESCOPE intubation scopes. The state of the art devices, valued at a total of $14,000, provide paramedics with immediate visual feedback when guiding the intubation tubes into place.
According to Mike Erfert, Public Information Officer, the donation will allow for all YFD front line paramedic units and reserve units to be equipped with these video laryngoscopes. The intubation tube is put in place to maintain an open airway, often in the case of critically ill patients with some type of airway obstruction or when the patient is unable to breathe on their own.

The scopes have small video monitors that allow paramedics to see right where the intubation tubes are going. The scope will also enhance paramedic training. The video laryngoscopes will go into service once training on them is completed.
Last week, Fire Chief Dusty Fields, Acting EMS Battalion Chief Hector Gaxiola, Training Captain Ryan Johnson and Paramedic Patrick Estrada were on hand to personally thank Ms. Aguirre and demonstrate the device for her. “The Yuma Fire Department sincerely appreciates the continued support and assistance we receive from Ms. Aguirre and the Regional Center for Border Health” said Fire Chief Dusty Fields.