domingo, febrero 25

Livingston Seeks Additional Records from Governor Hobbs After Inaugural Funds Disclosure Prompts New Concerns

Phoenix, Arizona.– House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Livingston has sent a supplemental request to Governor Katie Hobbs after documents that she recently disclosed prompted new concerns and questions regarding her administration’s solicitation of inaugural funds.

The letter can be found here:

Chairman Livingston is still reviewing records produced in response to his February 13 letters to Governor Hobbs and her campaign manager, Nicole DeMont. Using state resources, Governor Hobbs solicited money for her inauguration events and directed donors to contact a member of her campaign team. Livingston has sought a complete and accurate accounting of all funds, as well as any documents and other records associated with their solicitation, for the House’s potential consideration of SB 1299 and related legislation.

Governor Hobbs has refused to transfer money leftover in her “Katie Hobbs Inaugural Fund” to the State’s Protocol Fund (as past governors have done), despite requests from Speaker Toma and President Petersen, and Chairman Livingston. And Governor Hobbs’ recent disclosure reveals that, two weeks ago, the State Inaugural Fund lacked insufficient funds to pay outstanding invoices. As Representative Livingston states in his letter, “it is unfortunate the Legislature must consider codifying basic principles of integrity and accountability to regulate inaugural funds” because of Governor Hobbs’ unprecedented actions.

David Livingston is a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 28 in Peoria. He also serves as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.