domingo, julio 14

Kofa principal recognized as Administrator of the Year         

YUMA, AZ – Kofa High School principal Lilian Campa was recognized as Administrator of the Year by the Arizona Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (AZALAS). 

Every year, the AZALAS board recognizes one member in each cohort for this award. This year, Campa was nominated out of the 36 people in her cohort. It is Campa’s second year in the program. She is also enrolled in the Aspiring Superintendent Academy.

«As part of the Aspiring Leaders program, I have been able to connect and build trusting relationships with other leaders around the state of Arizona,” Campa said. “This has allowed me to learn and listen to suggestions and opinions to gain information that may help in making important decisions. The Aspiring Leaders program has also inspired me to do more, be more, be intentional and never lose my why…children!»

The most important criteria for the Administrator of the Year award includes: workshop attendance, active participation, role model for inclusive and ethical leadership, values diverse experiences and perspectives, commitment to diverse communities, commitment to student academic growth, and welfare of all students.

AZALAS is designed as a further professional development opportunity for leaders interested in leadership and superintendency.