viernes, mayo 24

Hundreds of kids benefited during the Snyder’s 3rd Annual Education Drive held in Yuma

YUMA, Arizona – Hundreds of kids and their families from the South Yuma communities of Somerton, Gadsden and San Luis were benefited this weekend with backpacks filled with school supplies along with some food and other gifts during the Snyder’s 3rd Annual Education Drive held in San Luis.
Gary Garcia Snyder, who is currently a Republican running for the Arizona State Senate, explained he did not do the event as a part of the campaign, but he started doing it back in 2019 when politics was not on his mind yet.
“I do this to give back to my community and thinking on the needs for school supplies which is something that local School District in San Luis lacks due to school board members failing to manage resources wisely as state audits have reported recently,” he added.

The Gadsden Elementary School District number 32, based in San Luis, has been behind the Arizona Attorney General since one of its board members and former San Luis Mayor Guillermina Fuentes pleaded guilty of “ballot harvesting” in July, and it is possible that one or more board members who are well-known in politics are involved in the election fraud scheme committed by Fuentes during the 2020 Primary Elections.
“I have been doing the Education Drive for years, as well as other food drives in Thanksgiving and in Christmas because I believe we all have an obligation to help others, as my parents taught me; is in my family values, I really think is a blessing for me and those who graciously accept to sponsor because it makes us feel we contribute a little with others, that’s the way we show we care about our community,” said Garcia Snyder to El Termómetro de la Noticia.
Volunteers from Yuma and San Luis helped put school supplies inside backpacks donated by regional businesses and with the assistance of Miss Arizona Princess Perlita Huez, received the families who made a line from 7:30 am to get their supplies.
Garcia Snyder noted that the very same day the local non-profit organization named Comite de Bien Estar, where Torres works, held a school supplies drive the very same day and time, “and I find it great because more families will benefited, but it’s funny they just announced last week, when we were announcing ours at local and regional media since last month, maybe they want to clean their bad image with the public and want them to forget Ms. Torres is involved in the ballot harvesting, too”, he said.
Gary Garcia Snyder is planning to do another school supplies drive for the Mexican Independence Day in September to celebrate Fiestas Patrias and his Latino roots since his mother is from Sinaloa, Mexico.
“We want to bring live music because we would like to have a great ‘pachanga’ as Latino like to call parties,” he said.