domingo, julio 21

Consulate of Mexico in Calexico invites teachers to Binational Migrant Education Program

CALEXICO, California.- All teachers in Imperial County are invited to participate in the PROBEM 2023 United States-Mexico Binational Migrant Education Program, which promotes exchanges between Mexican and American teachers in order to strengthen identity, history, the culture, values ​​and traditions of both countries among binational migrant children.
According to representatives of the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico, the program also aims to share experiences and develop technical-pedagogical and methodological teaching skills for educational attention to students and parents of Mexican origin residing in that country.
The initiative offers the opportunity to broaden the training and experience of participating Mexican and American teachers, as well as to positively impact the quality of education for migrant students, both in the United States and among those who have returned to Mexico, in addition to strengthen the ties of educational cooperation between Mexico and the United States, legally supported in the Memorandum of Understanding on Education between both governments.
Those interested are invited to learn about the PROBEM 2023 Call, which can be found in this link: