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Arizona House & Senate Leaders Announce Joint Legislative Water Committee to Strengthen Existing Water Supplies & Secure Our Water Future

STATE CAPITOL, ARIZONA — Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Senate President Warren Petersen today announced the formation of the Joint Legislative Study Committee on Water Security – a legislative ad hoc committee to study Arizona’s water resources and address the direction the state may want to go to help strengthen Arizona’s existing water supplies and secure Arizona’s water future.
“The availability of water for the success of all industries in our state is critical to our economy,” said Speaker Toma. “Strengthening our existing water resources while we secure our future water supply is a top priority as we work to achieve common-sense solutions for our state. We need to study all issues related to water carefully and work to identify any remaining issues that need to be resolved.”
“Water policy is dictated by statute,” said President Petersen. “From the 1980s Groundwater Management Act to last year’s historic investment in WIFA, the Legislature has led and will continue to lead the water policy solutions that require legislative action to implement.”
The Legislative Water Committee will be comprised of six elected members, three from the House and three from the Senate. Representative Gail Griffin and Senator Sine Kerr, chairs of the House and Senate Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committees, will serve as co-chairs to the new joint committee. Additional members will be appointed by Speaker Toma and President Petersen soon.
“Arizona must take an ‘all of the above’ approach to water and find a balance that protects private property rights while promoting the interests and economy of the state,” said Representative Griffin. “This includes urban and rural, augmentation and conservation, and surface and groundwater, not to mention residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural users and property rights across all land types. I appreciate Speaker Toma for affording the opportunity to explore this issue and for making water a top priority in this legislative session.”
“Unlike other ‘top-down’ efforts, this Ad Hoc Committee on Water Security will enlist the participation of actual water users to find collaborative water management solutions,” said Senator Kerr. “The Legislature will continue to be proactive and deliberative in balancing the realities of our water supply with the state’s economic objectives.”