viernes, febrero 23

Arizona Congressman Applauds Rescinding Trump-era Public Charge Rule

PHOENIX, Arizona – Representative Raúl M. Grijalva, from Arizona 3rd District, applauded the Biden administration for rescinding what he called “xenophobic Trump-era Public Charge rule” that targeted undocumented immigrants and impeded foreigners from obtaining green cards and visas based on their perceived value and unseen future outcomes. Rep. Grijalva released the following statement:

“The creation of a litmus test for visas and green cards based on health and wealth was inherently xenophobic and par for the course for the Trump administration. Rescinding this ruling means that individuals are no longer forced to choose between lifesaving resources like health care and their immigration status. Doing away with this public charge rule helps restore and build the foundation for a fairer, more humane immigration system – one that the U.S. must continue to work towards. Under the Biden administration, we’re creating a nation based on shared values that says all immigrants are welcome here.”

“We’ve seen how important immigrants and their families are and how muchthey contribute to our nation. They’ve been critical to our pandemic recovery, putting food on our tables, filling labor shortages, all the while paying more in taxes and receiving less in government assistance than anyone else. So long as I’m in Congress, I’ll continue to fight for the rights of immigrants, ensure that these families have the safety, resources and certainty they need to thrive, and push for a more just immigration system.”