domingo, febrero 25

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs intercedes on Sheriff Arpaio’s behalf to urge Mexican government to ask Secretary Ebrard an apology

Phoenix, Arizona.- On October 5, 2022, Secretary of Foreign Affairs to Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, addressed the senate of Mexico accusing Joe Arpaio of murder and gun smuggling. On October 19, Arpaio through his attorney requested an apology from Ebrard for his malicious and false allegations. Arpaio was willing to travel to Mexico City to meet with Secretary Ebrard to discuss his comments and to receive an apology. Arpaio asked several officials, including a U.S. senator from Arizona, to refute the slanderous remarks from the Secretary Ebrard. These officials did not have the decency to return his calls, however Andy Biggs, member of Congress, interceded on Sheriff Arpaio’s behalf by submitting a letter to President Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, expressing his displeasure with the false statements made by the Mexican official.

Arpaio has 55 years of Law Enforcement experience including functioning as a high-level federal official and sheriff for 35 years fighting the drug and illegal immigration problem at the U.S./Mexico border areas. While serving as regional director for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and diplomatic attaché living in Mexico, Arpaio had numerous meetings with the Mexican Attorney General and presidents, receiving several awards and commendations from the US and Mexican governments, including mention in the U.S. Senate Congressional Record, for his success working with Mexican judges and law enforcement authorities.

Arpaio states, «It is unfortunate that the Mexican government continues to use me as a scapegoat and target because of my fight against illegal immigration and drug traffic. Also in 2009, Obama/Biden took office and made me a target on their First 100 Days report because of controversies involving my enforcement of illegal immigration laws. Ironically, in 1989 I testified in Washington D.C. before then-senator, Joe Biden, when he was chairman of the judiciary committee. He praised me for my achievements fighting the drug trafficking in foreign countries, including Mexico. It is sad how now rhetoric and vicious attacks occur because of politics. Rest assured, I will not surrender and will continue to request an apology from the Mexican government.»